For Students


The purpose of homework is to provide an opportunity for the student to practice and review concepts that have already been taught in the classroom. The time required for homework will increase from grade to grade. The following is an average daily maximum time for combined homework assignments per
• K,1, 2 -30-40 min.
• 3,4-60min.
• 5-70-80min.

Board of Education policy #6430:


If your child is ill and must stay at home, please remind him/her to get their make-up work when they return. This is the sole responsibility of the student. If it appears as if the illness will be more than two days, please arrange to have the work picked up or sent home with another child or sibling. The teacherwill need advance notice in order to prepare the make-up work. Please call the office and leave a message before you come to pick up the work to make sure that the work is prepared.


If your child requires extra help, all teachers are available before and after regular school hours.

In order to ensure that all students have equal access to all library books, students will sign a "Library Use Agreement". Students will be able to sign out library books only if they have a signed agreement on file with the librarian and no overdue books. Parents are financially responsible for all lost or damaged library books. Students who owe books to the library will not pariticate in any end of the year activities and
his/her final report card will be held until the book is returned or paid for.


Bicycles may be ridden to school but must be walked on campus. They should be secured with a lock and chain in the designated area. The school is not responsible and will not become involved with lost or stolen bicycles. Bicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, pushcarts, etc., are not allowed on the sidewalks, playgrounds or parking lots. Motor driven vehicles such as minibikes, go-carts, and motorcycles are
subject to police action if ridden on school grounds.


Students are allowed to bring baseball gloves to school. All other items are prohibited unless authorized by the teacher. The only exception to this rule is an item brought to be shared in the class. This should be brought in a bag or box and kept in the classroom until it is taken home. All other items will be taken from the student and either returned at the end of the day or the parent may be asked to pick them up. We would like to encourage all students to keep their valuables and unnecessary money at home. The school will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.


Clothing and lost articles which are found on campus should be turned into the Lost-And-Found in the cafeteria. All unclaimed articles will be given to a worthy charity on behalf of the school and district.


Student use of the telephones is limited to emergency situations only. Forgetting homework, lunch, etc., is not an emergency. The staff appreciates parents reinforcing this procedure because school telephones are usually busy and lines limited. It is helpful to make rainy day arrangements in advance of inclement weather as it is not possible or reasonable for all students to call home when it rains.


Our students are expected to know the school rules and consequences so that they may choose their behavior in a responsible manner. There are specific rules for each classroom, the cafeteria, library, computer lab, and playground as well as for the school in general. These rules are clearly posted in each classroom as well as in the Assertive Discipline Plan which is sent home with each student at the beginning of the school year.
Our school recognizes the appropriate behavior of our students through a system of rewards. These include honors awards, citizenship awards which could be given daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly as well as additional rewards developed by each teacher.


The cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch each school day. The menu is published at the beginning of the month and distributed to all students. The eating areas include the cafeteria and/or designated outside areas with teacher approval when weather permits. Eating in the cafeteria is a privilege that may be revoked for those students who have difficulty with demonstrating appropriate behavior. In order to allow your child to develop his/her independence and protect our school population from any contagious disease, parents and siblings not attending our school are not allowed in the cafeteria.


Our school district, in support of the State of California Education Code #48900, has identified certain acts as possible cause for suspension and/or expulsion of students from school. These acts include causing physical injury, possessing dangerous objects, commiting robbery or extortion, damaging or stealing school property, possessing or using tobacco or intoxicants, engaging in profanity, selling drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, disrupting school activities, or defying the valid authority of school personnel. A student may be suspended and/or expelled for the acts listed above if they are committed while on the school grounds, while going or coming from school, during or while going to or coming from a school sponsored activity. The teacher of any class from which a student is suspended or expelled may require the student to complete any or all assignments, tests, examinations or projects missed.